About Us

I was trying to write a profile of Minnie Cooper to give the feel and idea of what we do.

I had a look at some of our customer’s emails on the lunchroom wall and realised they’ve said it perfectly.


“I walked to work this morning in some black round toe lace-ups that I bought from your Ponsonby shop at least 15-16 years ago. They look great with my vintage flowery skirt, black stockings  and black blazer. My teenage daughter borrows then for a similar slightly French look.
They are beautiful and shiny and the soles have lasted the distance with a bit of new rubber every now and then. How’s that for a classic well made shoe. Take a curtsey!”

- Lynne


“I purchased these shoes way back in 1999/2000.
They travelled the world, were often admired and seemed forever in style.
They went with my 9 to 5 wardrobe and my casual gear, I loved them....”

- Lisa


“I notice the Weston boot has been made again. I bought a pair at least ten years ago, calling them my Mary Poppins boot because of the Victorian metal hooks near the top. I wore them to work in Wellington nearly every day, they then moved with me to Sydney; down to Melbourne where I wore them as a student and just last week I got them out of the back of the wardrobe and wore them to meet some friends. They all commented on my beautiful boots and made me take them off and show them the leather lining on the insides- lucky they were still ( unbelievably ) in a good state!

And they look just like the ones in the picture. Still.”

- Marion


Thanks so much Lynne, Lisa and Marion and all the other customers who’ve written to us over the years; these letters beautifully capture the essence of what Minnie Cooper is all about, the look, the substance; great shoes for women with their own sense of style.


Shoes and bags made in New Zealand since 1989